North Bay Civic League

Our Commitment

The North Bay Civic League is committed to keeping residents informed and working towards a local democracy that is

inclusive, participatory, transparent and accountable

We are working for:

·        Greater voter turnout at municipal elections

·        Participatory democracy that informs and collaborates with residents

·        Balanced city planning and design to manage sustainable growth

·        Economic development to offset residential taxes and provide jobs

·        Complete cost/benefit analysis of major decisions and investments

·        Support for local businesses

·        Ecological awareness and protection of the highest standard

·        Increased focus on the development of culture and the arts

·        Heritage identification and preservation

·        Diversity and inclusion reflected in policy and practice

·        Quality and beauty as civic priorities

The North Bay Civic League will:

·        Provide information on community and civic issues

·        Undertake projects to improve the quality of life in our city

·        Help protect and enhance our natural and cultural heritage

·        Encourage the participation of all residents in community and civic issues

·        Promote dialogue between residents, organizations, and local government to advance a collaborative vision

·        Encourage the formation of resident-led groups and support their efforts

·        Represent and support the common interests of member organizations